Time zones for cities in Netherlands

Baarn (Utrecht)
Barendrecht (South Holland)
Barneveld (Gelderland)
Beek (Limburg)
Benthuizen (South Holland)
Bergen op Zoom (North Brabant)
Bergeijk (North Brabant)
Bergschenhoek (South Holland)
Berkel en Rodenrijs (South Holland)
Best (North Brabant)
Beuningen (Gelderland)
Beverwijk (North Holland)
Bladel (North Brabant)
Bloemendaal (North Holland)
Bodegraven (South Holland)
Borger (Drenthe)
Born (Limburg)
Borne (Overijssel)
Borssele (Zeeland)
Boskoop (South Holland)
Boxtel (North Brabant)
Breda (North Brabant)
Broek in Waterland (North Holland)
Broek op Langedijk (North Holland)
Brummen (Gelderland)
Brunssum (Limburg)
Bunschoten (Utrecht)
Bussum (North Holland)

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