Time zones for cities in Cameroon

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Akonolinga (Centre)
Bafang (West)
Bafia (Centre)
Bafoussam (West)
Bali (North-West Province)
Bamenda (North-West Province)
Bamusso (South-West Province)
Bangangté (West)
Banyo (Adamaoua)
Batouri (East)
Bélabo (East)
Bertoua (East)
Bogo (Far North)
Buea (South-West Province)
Dizangué (Littoral)
Douala (Littoral)
Dschang (West)
Ébolowa (South Province)
Edéa (Littoral)
Eséka (Centre)
Fontem (South-West Province)
Foumban (West)
Foumbot (West)
Fundong (North-West Province)
Garoua (North Province)
Garoua Boulaï (East)
Guider (North Province)
Idenao (South-West Province)
Kaélé (Far North)
Kousséri (Far North)
Kribi (South Province)
Kumba (South-West Province)
Kumbo (North-West Province)
Lagdo (North Province)
Limbe (South-West Province)
Lolodorf (South Province)
Loum (Littoral)
Mamfe (South-West Province)
Manjo (Littoral)
Maroua (Far North)
Mbalmayo (Centre)
Mbandjok (Centre)
Mbanga (Littoral)
Mbouda (West)
Meïganga (Adamaoua)
Melong (Littoral)
Mokolo (Far North)
Mora (Far North)
Mutengene (South-West Province)
Muyuka (South-West Province)
Nanga Eboko (Centre)
Ngaoundéré (Adamaoua)
Nkongsamba (Littoral)
Nkoteng (Centre)
Obala (Centre)
Penja (Littoral)
Sangmélima (South Province)
Tcholliré (North Province)
Tibati (Adamaoua)
Tiko (South-West Province)
Tonga (West)
Wum (North-West Province)
Yagoua (Far North)
Yaoundé (Centre)

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