Time zones for cities in Israel

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‘Afula ‘Illit (Northern District)
‘Akko (Northern District)
‘Arad (Southern District)
Ariel (Jerusalem)
Ashdod (Southern District)
Ashqelon (Southern District)
Bat Yam (Tel Aviv)
Beersheba (Southern District)
Bené Beraq (Tel Aviv)
Bet She’an (Northern District)
Bet Shemesh (Jerusalem)
Dāliyat el Karmil (Haifa)
Dimona (Southern District)
Eilat (Southern District)
Er Reina (Northern District)
Eṭ Ṭaiyiba (Central District)
Giv‘at Shemu’él (Tel Aviv)
Giv‘atayim (Tel Aviv)
H̱adera (Haifa)
Haifa (Haifa)
Herzliyya (Tel Aviv)
Hod HaSharon (Central District)
H̱olon (Tel Aviv)
Jerusalem (Jerusalem)
Judeida Makr (Northern District)
Kafr Kannā (Northern District)
Kafr Mandā (Northern District)
Kafr Qāsim (Central District)
Karmi’el (Northern District)
Kfar Saba (Central District)
Lod (Central District)
maalot Tarshīhā (Northern District)
Maghār (Northern District)
Mevo Betar (Jerusalem)
Migdal Ha‘Emeq (Northern District)
Modiin (Central District)
Modiin Ilit (Jerusalem)
Nahariya (Northern District)
Nazareth (Northern District)
Nesher (Haifa)
Ness Ziona (Central District)
Netanya (Central District)
Netivot (Southern District)
Ofaqim (Southern District)
Or Yehuda (Tel Aviv)
Petaẖ Tiqwa (Central District)
Qalansuwa (Central District)
Qiryat Ata (Haifa)
Qiryat Bialik (Haifa)
Qiryat Gat (Southern District)
Qiryat Moẕqin (Haifa)
Qiryat Shemona (Northern District)
Qiryat Yam (Haifa)
Ra'anana (Central District)
Ramat Gan (Tel Aviv)
Ramat HaSharon (Tel Aviv)
Ramla (Central District)
Rishon LeẔiyyon (Central District)
Rosh Ha‘Ayin (Central District)
Safed (Northern District)
Sakhnīn (Northern District)
Sederot (Southern District)
Tamra (Northern District)
Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv)
Tiberias (Northern District)
Tirah (Central District)
Tirat Karmel (Haifa)
Umm el Faḥm (Haifa)
West Jerusalem (Jerusalem)
Yafo (Tel Aviv)
Yavné (Central District)
Yehud (Central District)

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