Time zones for cities in Philippines

Sablayan (Mimaropa)
Sagay (Western Visayas)
Samal (Davao)
Samal (Central Luzon)
Sampaloc (Calabarzon)
San Antonio (Central Luzon)
San Antonio (Central Luzon)
San Fernando (Central Luzon)
San Fernando (Ilocos)
San Fernando (Central Visayas)
San Francisco (Central Luzon)
San Francisco (Caraga)
San Ildefonso (Central Luzon)
San Jose (Mimaropa)
San Jose del Monte (Central Luzon)
San Jose (Bicol)
San Juan (Metro Manila)
San Leonardo (Central Luzon)
San Luis (Central Luzon)
San Marcelino (Central Luzon)
San Mariano (Davao)
San Mateo (Calabarzon)
San Mateo (Cagayan Valley)
San Miguel (Central Luzon)
San Miguel (Central Luzon)
San Narciso (Central Luzon)
San Nicolas (Ilocos)
San Pablo (Calabarzon)
San Pascual (Calabarzon)
San Pedro (Calabarzon)
San Simon (Central Luzon)
San Vicente (Central Luzon)
Santa Ana (Central Luzon)
Santa Barbara (Ilocos)
Santa Catalina (Central Visayas)
Santa Cruz (Calabarzon)
Santa Cruz (Central Luzon)
Santa Cruz (Central Luzon)
Santa Maria (Ilocos)
Santa Maria (Davao)
Santa Rosa (Calabarzon)
Santiago (Cagayan Valley)
Santo Tomas (Calabarzon)
Santol (Central Luzon)
Saravia (Western Visayas)
Sariaya (Calabarzon)

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